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Having practiced in a variety of courts and tribunals over better part of the past decade, Balwinder brings extensive trial court knowledge and experience to our litigation division. Balwinder is well respected amongst his peers, for his vibe of positivity. He has a keen ability to identify core areas of any legal dispute swiftly, and skilled in setting out practical and wholesome strategies for our Clients. Balwinder is known to be driven by his unwavering courage to relentlessly pursue a cause, and passion for the law. His analytical approach and far-sightedness set him apart from conventional litigators and his clients, who are constantly surprised by his sheer dedication, resolve and commitment towards them.

This enables his Clients to avoid lapses, and aids them to approach the legal system with confidence and perseverance. At KSB, he is respected for his wit to evolve simple, yet effective solutions for convoluted problems for his Clients. Balwinder possesses rich and practical experience of core concepts of revenue law and is well versed with understanding the real ground challenges, faced by stakeholders-both small and large under the Land Laws of Haryana and Punjab.. Balwinder is adept with ancillary concepts, such as succession, partition of land as well. Balwinder’s practice also includes conducting various proceedings at all levels under the evolving taxation regulatory framework, especially the GST Act.

As regards to Personal Law injury, Balwinder has successfully represented Clients with regards to their claims arising out of accidents etc.