Employment Law

Our team has developed substantial expertise in dealing with a range of issues of Service Law. We have successfully represented both, employers and employees, on an individual and class level. The legal issues have varied from right from the creation of the relationship of employment i.e. recruitment, process of selection, appointment; to the various incidents of service such as lien, remuneration, seniority, confidential reports, promotions, deputations. We understand finer nuances of disciplinary and conduct related issues and issues arising out of payment of retiral benefits. We have delivered outstanding results, even with extremely short turn around periods under 12 hours. The team is adept at understanding nuances not only of the legislation, but rules, bylaws, regulations and notifications and even internal policies which is the single biggest differentiating factor.

Real Estate Law

We have picked up considerable amount of work in this relatively new area-especially in light of the recently enacted Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act. We have been handling both advisory and litigation work in this field. The newness of this legislation has raised numerous interesting legal issues, both from the allottee and promoters perspective and therefore we prefer to develop a wholistic and comprehensive understanding of this dynamic statute. We are currently dealing and handling issues related to registration and compliances for selected builders, and also at the same time instituting complaints before the Authority/Adjudicating Officer, as the case may be seeking imposition of penalties-such as carrying out enquiries against promoters, cancellation of their registration/s, payment of interest and compensation in case of delayed possession or withdrawal from the project.

Criminal Laws

Being charged of an offence and facing a threat to your freedom, can feel extremely distressing and exasperating. At KSB Legal, we aim to protect and fight for your rights professionally, without judging you. We therefore treat Clients with courtesy and compassion. Our team comes from different backgrounds and has unique strengths, and the synergy created as a result, benefits our Clients greatly. We understand that the accusation levelled may have impact on your life-before, during and after the accusation. Therefore, we focus on an in-depth analysis of the circumstances, mode and manner of the alleged commission of the charged offence. We welcome extensive participation of our Client in creating of defence strategies, because the Client is always a master of the facts. We put our core values of Empathy, Understanding, Dynamism and Value to extensive use, especially in this area of our legal practice. In addition, to the criminal major acts-Indian Penal Code, CrPC; we focus extensively on matters related to Corruption and Money Laundering, Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques, Termination of Pregnancy, Food Adulteration, Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, POCSO and Negotiable Instruments.

Business Advisory

At KSB we provide bespoke solutions to businesses to better manage regulatory and market challenges. As part of this division we also provide detailed frameworks to e-commerce businesses which deal with issues of deep discounting and disputes between service providers and platforms. We have successfully advised clients in the FMCG, Hospitality, Transportation and Infrastructure sectors. We believe this service is essential in today’s regulatory outlook, where there is increasing focus on market reform through broad structural changes in regulatory mechanisms.

Commercial & Labour Laws

With the enactment of the Commercial Court Act, 2015; the first important step has already been taken. The term commercial, immediately resonates with other words such as ‘contract’ and ‘business’. The principal legislation-the Indian Contract Act, 1872 is certainly one of the finest and oldest mercantile laws of the country. It has not lost its sheen over these years. Therefore, without ever losing sight and understanding of this marvellous legislation, we conduct our practices in this area-be it drafting/conveyancing or litigation practice arising out of civil/commercial matters related to the Specific Relief Act-declarations, injunctions, cancellations, rescissions, compensation etc. Our work is not just limited to non-governmental contracts, but we extensively focus on commercial litigation and arbitrable disputes, arising out of government contracts and tenders. Ancillary to this area of practice, we also emphasize on regulatory compliance with reference to various issues pertaining to personnel management, human resources (HR), labour and industrial relations/disputes. A timely appreciation of the various requisites, minimizes/eliminates the punitive exposure to any establishment. Therefore we adopt a proactive approach, by thoroughly understanding and evaluating the businesses of our Client.

Other Areas

  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Appellate practice

  • Banking law

  • Bankruptcy law

  • Business Advisory

  • Business law

  • Civil law

  • Constitutional law

  • Infrastructure law

  • Insolvency Law

  • Consumer law

  • Contract law

  • Family law

  • Intellectual property law

  • Labour laws

  • Mining law

  • Property law

  • Real estate law